Day of wrath

Anne is a quiet, fearful young woman married to a much older pastor, Absalon, whose mother does not consider Anne worthy of her son and takes every opportunity to humiliate her. Anne lives in a world of stark discipline and deep shadows where any tolling church bell may be announcing a new witch hunt.

When Martin, Absalon's son by his first marriage, returns home, Anne falls in love with him immediately. At the same time Anne starts wondering if she has supernatural power like her own mother who was considered a witch. She wills that Martin be waiting for her at the door, and he is there. She tells her husband about her love for Martin and wishes him dead, and he falls down and dies. Anne's mother-in-law accuses Anne of having caused Absalon's death with the aid of the Evil One, and denounces her a witch.

The weak Martin, in horror, turns away from her, and Anne, standing alone abandoned by everyone, confesses, while insanity shines from her face and tears are weiling her eyes. The death at the stake awaits her.