(Rasmus Ottesen, DK, 1912)

Steffensen, an old brewery owner, has but two passions: brewing – a craft passed down through generations, whose traditions he faithfully upholds – and his daughter, Emma, whose lovely face is the living image of his deceased wife. The brewer asks his brewmaster to a party at his mansion. Having enjoyed a game of tennis, the brewmaster and Emma part to dress for the evening. At the party, the brewmaster seizes the moment to propose to Emma, but in the meantime a young brewery worker has caught her fancy. Embittered, the brewmaster leaves and, following a clash with a former mistress, starts a fire in the brewery, blaming it on the young brewery worker who is his rival.

Production company Det skandinavisk-russiske Handelshus
Distributor  Dansk-Svensk Film
Release date and place 9.8. 1912 / Victoria-Teatret

Directed by

Rasmus Ottesen  Director 


Carl Th. Dreyer  Screenwriter 
Viggo Cavling Screenwriter

Cinematography by

Adam Johansen Director of Photography


Olaf Fønss Erik Holk, a brewery worker 
Rasmus Ottesen  I.M. Steffensen, the owner of the brewery
Emilie Sannom Emma, Mr. Steffensen's daughter
Richard Jensen  Otto Schultz, head brewer
Jacoba Jessen Worker at the brewery
Vanda Mathiesen A dancer
Elna Panduro A dancer
Peter S. Andersen A police agent
Stella Lind  
Tippe Lumbye

Rasmus Ottesen

Release year 


Other titles Bryggerens Datter (DK - original title
Bryggarens dotter (SE)
Dagmar, die Brauerstochter (DE)

793 metre


Technical data
35 mm - 1,33:1 - tintet - mute