The passion of Joan of arc

La passion de Jeanne d'Arc is the story of a religious saint who sacrifices her life for her faith and becomes part of a political game.

An opening picture shows the original scripts of the trial from the 14th century. The trial against Jeanne d'Arc is lead by a tribunal of monks and judicial authorities with stern and sardonic faces. Jeanne - in chains - proclaims that she regards herself as sent by God to safe France. With cunning questions the judges attempt to inveigle her into giving blasphemous statements, but her answers are pure of heart.

As it happened to Jesus Christ she is humiliated by the guards. Jeanne is threatened with torture, but she is too ill for the judges to torment her. They try to use her intense faith in God to make her deny her call. In fear of the pyre she abjures her visions as false, but then disclaims and states again that she is God's elect. Jeanne is burned alive, and her death persuades the people that she was a true saint. Riots break out.