Plot summary / Gertrud

Gertrud (Carl Th. Dreyer, DK, 1964). Photo: Else Kjær.

The story of a great woman, the passionate Gertrud, a former well-known singer, now married to an eminent lawyer.

After having been married af few years, Gertrud realizes that career means much more to her husband than his love for her. Gertrud, for whom love is life itself, has fallen in love with a young artist, a musician, and now that she finally has taken the decision to leave her husband, she is given the choice to go to her new, young lover or to her former lover, a famous writer who has just come back from abroad to attend a party given for him on the occasion of his 50th birthday. She feels that she cannot go back to her former lover and soon after finds out that her young lover is unfaithful to their love.

She then knows that she is alone and realizes the truth of the words: "I believe in the carnal desire and in the irremediable loneliness of man!".