Good Mothers

(Carl Th. Dreyer, DK, 1942)

A description of the measures taken to protect the health both of married and unmarried mothers and their children through "Mother Help" (Mødrehjælpen) - a humanitarian organisation aiding young mothers with children. The theme is illustrated by taking a simple story of an unmarried mother. All the parts are played by natural types.

The film was produced by Dansk Kulturfilm for the Joint Committee of the Mother's Aid Institutions (Mødrehjælpens Fællesraad) in 1942 and added to the Social Denmark series in 1947. One of the two short Danish dialogue sequences has been eliminated from the English version.

Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni for Mødrehjælpens Fællesråd og Dansk Kulturfilm
Distributor  Udenrigsministeriets Pressebureau og Statens Filmcentral
Censorship classification  No restrictions
Release date and place 20.11.1942 / Palladium (a short film shown in connection with the screening of "Vi kunne ha' det saa rart!")

Directed by

Carl Th. Dreyer  Director


Carl Th. Dreyer  Screenwriter 

Produced by

Mogens Skot-Hansen  Producer 

Cinematography by

Verner Jensen  Director of Photography
Poul Gram Camera Operator

Music by

Poul Schierbeck  Composer 


Hjørdis Jacobsen Erna, A young mother
Ebbe Neergaard   Speaker - Danish version
Dinah Miller Speaker - English version
M. Hermannsen  Speaker - French version

Carl Th. Dreyer



Other titles 
Mødrehjælpen (DK - original title)
Mères Modèles (FR)


Running time 
12 min.

Technical data 
35 mm - 1,37:1 - b/w - sound