Radio's Childhood

(Otto Schray, DK, 1949)

This film is largely a "modernisation" of two other films, Filmen om Statsradiofonien (1929, 1670 metres), directed by Otto Schray, and Statsradiofonien (1932, 635 metres), which were augmented with new footage, totalling 282 metres out of the completed film’s 651 metres. Revamping the film, Dreyer wanted to preserve its old form, adding new titles and piano music.

The film shows the beginning of Danish radio. We watch radio pioneers working under primitive conditions, witness the emotional reactions of the first radio listeners receiving broadcasts on headphones, and sample the various programme forms – radio plays, morning callisthenics, news and concerts.

Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni for Dansk Kulturfilm og Berlingske Tidende
Distributor  Statens Filmcentral/National Film Board of Denmark
Release date and place 26.1.1949 / Palladium (presentation for invited audience)

Directed by

Otto Schray  Director
Carl Th. Dreyer Adaptation


Otto Schray Screenwriter 

Cinematography by

Carlo Bendtsen  Camera Operator - shootings from 1929 and 1932 
Nicolai Lichtenberg Camera Operator - new shootings

Sound by

Erik Rasmussen  Sound 

Music by

Erik Fiehn  Composer 
Erik Tuxen Conductor
Eduard Binderup Piano

Otto Schray



Other titles 
Statsradiofoniens barndom (DK - original title)
Radioens barndom (alternative title)


Running time 
25 min.

Technical data 
35 mm - 1,37:1 - b/w - sound