War Correspondents

(Vilhelm Glückstadt, DK, 1913)

Bretton, a journalist, finally gets the promotion he is after, reporting for his capital-city newspaper from the long-raging war in Southern Europe. Carrying a letter of recommendation from the minister of war, he settles in on a train that is headed for the front. He is young, healthy and has no one to bid farewell. On the trip, he meets a fellow reporter named Clark who is headed in the same direction. Meanwhile, far from any city live a poor shepherd, Nikiva, and his daughter, Scura. They think themselves safe from enemy soldiers, but one day the war comes to their doorstep and by nightfall Scura is fatherless. Mourning at her father’s grave, Scura is alerted by cries for help. Following the sound, she finds Bretton, who has fallen into a deep ravine. Supported by Scura, he makes it back to the spot where he fell in. His first thought is for the minister’s letter, his guarantee of big scoops for his paper, but the letter is gone, no doubt stolen by his "friend" Clark.

Thanks to Bretton’s letter of recommendation, Clark is warmly received at the military headquarters. The general gives Clark a lot of information, more than enough for a scoop. When Bretton arrives at headquarters, he is accused of being a spy because he lacks the proper papers, but he is saved by Scura, who loves him.

The small peaceful house where Scura has lived her whole life is no more. The brutal, vastly superior enemy forces have razed it to the ground and Scura is forced to flee into the desolate, war-ravaged land. Overcoming tremendous adversity, she makes it through to the end of the war. Suddenly, her delicate instincts tell her Bretton is close by. She finds him and rescues him from a burning aeroplane. Bretton is headed for a final showdown with Clark. They both have the latest news – but who will get the scoop?

Production company Filmfabriken Danmark
Release date and place 13.5. 1913 / Victoria-Teatret

Directed by

Vilhelm Glückstadt  Director


Carl Th. Dreyer  Screenwriter 

Cinematography by

Alfred Lind Camera Operator

Production Design

L.A. Hjarne  Production Designer 


Emanuel Gregers Bretton, journalist
Bertel Krause Clark, journalist
Emilie Sannom Scura
Richard Jensen The General
Grethe Ditlevsen Dancer
Ellen Tegner Odalisque
Emilie Smith Dancer
Valdemar Møller

Vilhelm Glückstadt

Release year


Other titles
Krigskorrespondenter (DK - original title)
Krigskorrespondenten (SE)
Die Kriegskorrespondenten (DE)


1218 metres

Technical data
35 mm - 1,33:1 - b/w - mute