Won by Waiting

(Sofus Wolder, DK, 1913)

Hans Bugge, who owns a small, poor farm, is engaged to Grethe, the beautiful daughter on the neighbouring farm. They are free to marry, but not until Hans has 20,000 crowns in a savings account. The outlook is grim. He barely knows what a bankbook looks like and Grethe’s mother, the widow Holm, is unyielding. One day Hans gets a visit from his sister Clara, now an actress in Copenhagen, who turns life on the small farm upside down.

The script for this short farce was Dreyer’s first independent screenwriting assignment for Nordisk Films Kompagni, where he started working on 1 July 1913.

Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Release date and place 7.9. 1913 / Biograf-Theatret

Directed by 

Sofus Wolder Director 


Carl Th. Dreyer  Screenwriter 

Cinematography by

Carl Ferdinand Fischer Camera Operator


Maja Bjerre-Lind Widower Holm
Gerd Egede-Nissen Grethe, Mrs. Holm's daughter
Svend Bille Hans Bugge, owner of a farm
Ellen Aggerholm Clara, actress, Hans's sister
Ebba Lorentzen  
Betzy Kofoed

Sofus Wolder

Release year 


Other titles 
Elskovs Opfindsomhed (DK - original title)
Hans og Grethe (alternative title)
Hans und Grethe (DE)

Short film

295 metres

Technical data 
35 mm - 1,33:1 - b/w - mute