The authors below have contributed to the website with one or several articles about Dreyer. Read more about the authors and go directly to their articles.


David Bordwell is Jacques Ledoux Emeritus Professor of Film Studies at the University of Wisconsin--Madison, and he holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Copenhagen. He has written several books of film history and criticism, including one on Carl Dreyer. He maintains a website at


Thomas C. Christensen has an MA in film studies and is curator at the Danish Film Institute / Archive and Cinematheque.
See Casper Tybjerg.


Arnout De Cleene is a doctoral researcher at the KU Leuven. In his PhD project, funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), he focuses on the discursive function of “madness” in the reception of late twentieth-century Dutch- and French-language authors. 
Michiel De Cleene is a visual artist working in the field of (documentary) photography. The pivot point in his work is the spectatorial gaze and its conditioned and framed character in relation to the landscape.


Amanda Elaine Doxtater is currently completing her Ph.D. at the Department of Scandinavian at the University of California, Berkeley. Her dissertation treats issues of theatricality and melodrama in Carl Th. Dreyer’s work. She has previously published articles on Scandinavian literature, film and theater.


Morten Egholm (b. 1971) has a PhD in Film and Media Studies. His dissertation was titled En visionær fortolker af andres tanker. Om Carl Th. Dreyers brug af litterære forlæg ("A Visionary Interpreter of Others’ Thoughts – On Carl Th. Dreyer’s Use of Literary Sources," 2009). Egholm teaches foundation courses in the Film and Media Studies department at Copenhagen University, and modern European film and Danish cultural history, to American university students, at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS). From 2002-2006, he was an associate professor of Danish language, culture and literature at Groningen University, the Netherlands. Egholm has written numerous articles on film history, on Danish teleplays, Danish literature and Danish history of mentality. He contributed extended analyses of the TV series KrønikenForestillinger and Forbrydelsen to the latest edition of Morten Piil’s Gyldendals Danske Filmguide (2008).


Henrik Fuglsang is web editor and project coordinator of the Carl Th. Dreyer Website. He serves as archivist and web editor at the Danish Film Institute.


Tag Gallagher is the author of John Ford and The Adventures of Roberto Rossellini and has appeared in Cinéma 0TraficSight & Sound and Cahiers du Cinéma. More of his work can be found at Senses of Cinema and on his website.


Birgit Granhøj Dam has MAs in Film Studies and Rhetoric and has currently completed the first part of the research librarian programme at the Royal School of Library and Information Science. She has been a research librarian at the Danish Film Institute since 1993, in charge of classification and special collections. Recently, she has catalogued a large number of the documents in the Carl Th. Dreyer Collection and contributed texts to the Dreyer Website. She is a contributor to the film encyclopaedia Filmleksikon (ed. Peter Schepelern, 1995) and has written various articles on film.


Emilia van Hauen, MSc Soc., B.Comm., works as a trend consultant and lecturer and is one of Denmark’s most widely cited sociologists on topics of zeitgeist. Her work interpreting social trends and tendencies especially targets modern forms of living and consumption patterns, and the female and male takes thereon. She has written four books, including the 2009 bestseller Farvel EgofestOg goddag til formål og fællesskaber ("Goodbye Ego Fest – Hello Purpose and Community"), about the shifting spirit of the times. Emilia van Hauen today owns and runs her own lecture and consulting business. Read more at


Edvin Vestergaard Kau (1947-2016) was associate professor, PhD, at the Department of Information and Media Studies, University of Aarhus. He has written books and numerous articles on film theory, history, and analysis; visual style in cinema; multimedia; literature. Has also contributed to a number of collections, including Nordisk Filmforskning 1975-95 (ed. Peder Grøngaard, 1995), Multimedieteori (ed. Henrik Juel, 1997), Virtual Interaction (ed. Lars Qvortrup, 2000), Nøgne billeder. De danske dogmefilm (ed. Ove Christensen, 2004), and 100 Years of Nordisk Film (red. Lisbeth Richter Larsen og Dan Nissen, 2006). Books include Filmen i Danmark (Danish film industry from the advent of sound to the 80’s, with Niels Jørgen Dinnesen, 1983), and Dreyer’s Filmkunst (1989, English edition, The Cinema of Dreyer, forthcoming).


Lars Bo Kimergård is a film editor and director. He has an MA in Film Studies from Copenhagen University, 1991, writing his thesis on Carl Th. Dreyer’s short films. He created the radio montage Dreyers ukendte film in 1992, with Tore Leifer, and provided the concept and research for Torben Skjødt Jensen’s film Carl Th. Dreyer – Min métier in 1994. Alongside his film-editing work, he has taught at Copenhagen University, the National Film School of Denmark, the European Film College and Vallekilde Højskole. Kimergård has held numerous lectures and written a number of articles, including on Dreyer and other film-related subjects.


Claus Kjær (born 1958) has an MA in Film Studies from Copenhagen University and has been employed at The Danish Film Institute since 1994. He serves as curator of film series and special events in The Cinematheque and has hosted visits from Dame Judi Dench, Charlotte Rampling and Mike Leigh. He also gives lectures on film and has co-directed the film Bodil Ipsen og film (2006).
See Birgit Granhøj.


Martin Koerber has an MA in communcations and studied musicology and art history on the side. Since the 1980s he has been responsible for restoration of many classic German films in cooperation with film archives in Germany and beyond. He is professor for restoration of audiovisual media and photography at Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft in Berlin and curator of the film department at Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum für Film und Fernsehen, also in Berlin.


Stephen Larson, Ph.D., Stephen is an independent scholar and a professional film critic.


Toni Mygdal-Meyer is a journalist and author. He is the author of Søflyverne("Navy Aviators," 1989), on the Royal Danish Navy Air Squadron, and Da danskerne fik vinger ("When Danes Got Wings," 2002), about the first century of Danish aviation. From 2000-2006 he was affiliated with Danmarks Tekniske Museum, specialising in Danish aviation history before 1945. He is currently affiliated with Helsingør Bymuseum.


Lisbeth Nannestad Jørgensen took her MA in Film Studies in 1992. She later worked for several NGOs plus the Galathea 3 expedition (fundraising, editing and general communication), while also providing consulting services for private and public clients. She is the editor of Letters about the Jesus film – 16 years of correspondence between Carl Th. Dreyer and Blevins Davis (Sekvens særrække, 1989), contributed to the theme issue Visse tendenser i filmvidenskaben – Festskrift for Martin Drouzy ("Some Tendencies in Film Studies – Festschrift for Martin Drouzy") (Sekvens, 1993) and has written a couple of articles for Kosmorama.


MA in film and literature, University of Copenhagen, 1978. Assistant professor at the University of Copenhagen (1978-85), Deputy Curator at the Danish Film Museum (1988-97), Director DFI/Archive & Cinematheque since 1997. Critic at a daily newspaper 1976-99 and co-editor of Kosmorama since 1988. Dan Nissen has contributed to numerous books on film. Most recently: Danish films through 100 years (2001), Preserve then show (2002 – co-editor), 100 Years of Nordisk Film (2006), Danish Film Directors (2005). 
Dan Nissen has published articles on film, film preservation and restoration in a wide range of journals and periodicals and has been lecturing on seminars, conferences etc. 
Since 2000 he has been member of ACE EC, the executive committee of the Association of European Film Archives. He has been member of a working group on preservation of the national cultural heritage, established by the ministry of Culture ( 2002-03) and of working groups on digitisation of the cultural heritage and long term preservation of digital media (2006-09).


Jes Nysten is a theologian and author. He has written film criticism for various journals and websites since the late ’70s, when he was a contributor to Levende Billeder. He regularly lectures on film around the country and over the years has held countless courses, for children and adults, on the use of film in the classroom. Nysten has written a number of teaching materials, including for the Danish Film Institute. He serves on the boards of the international film organisation Interfilm and of Kirke og Film. He is a permanent member of the jury that every year awards the church film award, the Gabriel.


Carl Nørrested, MA, PhD, taught film history at Copenhagen University until 1990. He is the author of several books, including Eksperimentalfilm i Danmark ("Experimental Film in Denmark"), with Helge Krarup (1986), Kortfilmen og staten ("Short Films and the Government"), with Christian Alsted (1987), and Register over danske statslige kortfilm indtil 1980 (Register of Danish Government Short Films before 1980"), with Micha Fabjancic (1984). He is a lecturer and contributing writer for North-Art Magazine and Kosmorama.


Jan Olsson's primary research interests are historical reception and emerging media in a cross-cultural perspective. 
He has authored and edited several books, including Svensk spelfilm under världskriget (1979), Från filmljud till ljudfilm (1986), Sensationer från en bakgård (1988), Nordic Explorations (co-edited with John Fullerton, 1999), Allegories of Communication (co-edited with John Fullerton, 2004), Television after TV (co-edited with Lynn Spigel, 2004), Media, Popular Culture, and the American Century (co-edited with Kingsley Bolton, 2010). 
His latest monograph is Los Angeles Before Hollywood: Journalism and American Film Culture, 1905 to 1915 (2008). Hitchcock à la Carte is forthcoming from Duke UP in 2012. Most recent essays: ”Italian Marionettes Meets Cinematic, Modernity,” in Bolton/Olsson (John Libbey Publishing, 2010) and ”Alfred Hitchcock, théoricien de la télévision,” in Delavuad/Maréchal (eds.), Télévision: le moment expérimental (Éditions Apogée, 2011). 
See more on


Lisbeth Richter Larsen, who has MAs in Film Studies and Rhetoric, has been a DFI researcher and editor since 1999. She is the editor of the Danish National Filmography. She recently edited the DFI’s DVD publication of the collected works of Jørgen Leth, The Jørgen Leth Collection, and is the editor of the Carl Th. Dreyer Website. Moreover, she has edited and written contributions to Preserve Then Show (DFI, 2002) and 100 Years of Nordisk Film (DFI, 2006), and written various articles for Kosmorama and FILM.


James Schamus (born 1959) is an English graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, who got his bachelor’s in 1982, his master’s in 1987 and his doctorate in 2003. He is currently a professor at Columbia University.
Schamus is the founder of the production companies Good Machine, in 1991, and Focus Features, which he heads, in 2002. A highly successful screenwriter, producer and distributor, Schamus is known for his long-time collaboration with Ang Lee which earned him an Academy Award for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).


Peter Schepelern (b. 1945), PhD, Film and Media Studies, is an associate professor at Copenhagen University. He has written several books, including Den fortællende film ("Narrative Film," 1972), Film og genre (1981), Lars von Triers film (2000) and Tommen: Carl Th. Dreyers filmjournalistiske virksomhed ("Tommen – The Film Journalism of Carl Th. Dreyer," 1982). He is editor and co-writer of the Danish film encyclopaedia Filmleksikon (1995, new edition 2010) and 100 års dansk film ("A Century of Danish Film," 2001). He has contributed on film-historical subjects to publications including Amerikansk kultur efter 1945 (1992), Purity and Provocation: Dogma 95 (2003), European Cinema (2003), Nationale spejlinger (2003), Transnational Cinema in a Global North: Nordic Cinema in Transition (2005), On The Five Obstructions (2008), 100 Years of Nordisk Film (2006) and Dansk filmhistorie 1896-2009 (2010) for the DFI website. Moreover, he is an expert consultant on Den Store Danske Encyklopædi.


Stephan Michael Schröder is a doctor of art and professor at the Institut für Skandinavistik/Fennistik at Cologne University. He has been studying the relationship between Danish literature and silent film since 1997 and has written a number of articles on the subject. He is the editor of a database of Danish screenwriters in the silent film era. He is currently preparing the book Ideale Kommunikation, reale Filmproduktion. Zur Interaktion von Kino und dänischer Literatur in den Erfolgsjahren des dänischen Stummfilms 1909-1918. For more information and a complete bibliography, go to


Mirko Stopar is an Argentine filmmaker based in Norway. He attended film school in Buenos Aires and worked some years directing shorts, TV programs and commercials, before moving to Oslo in 2001. His Norwegian films include the awarded “The Great Indoors” (2006). Currently he prepares several projects with a Norwegian producer, including a documentary feature.


Claire Thomson is Lecturer in Scandinavian Film and Head of Department of Scandinavian Studies, UCL. She has a PhD in Danish literature and has published widely on Scandinavian and Scottish literature and film. Her research and teaching focuses on national and regional identities in Scandinavian film and literature, eco-critical and post-humanist approaches to the arts, and film philosophy.


Isak Thorsen has a PhD in film studies from Copenhagen University. His dissertation was titled Isbjørnens anatomi - Nordisk Films Kompagni som erhvervsvirksomhed i perioden 1906-1928 ("Anatomy of the Polar Bear – Nordisk Films Kompagni as a Business Enterprise in the Period 1906-1928"). He contributed to the anthology 100 Years of Nordisk Film (DFI 2006) and has written for the journals KosmoramaMifune and Sentura. He is the Danish editor of the upcoming Historical Dictionary of Scandinavian Cinema (Scarecrow 2011).


Casper Tybjerg is Associate Professor, Ph.D., at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. He has written the chapter on Danish sound cinema in Storia del cinema mondiale (ed. Gian Piero Brunetta, 1999-2001) and a number of articles on film history, particularly Carl Theodor Dreyer and his films, in Film History, Aura, and various anthologies. He has recorded English-language audio commentaries for DVD editions of Dreyer’s films Michael, La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc and Day of Wrath and for Benjamin Christensen’s Häxan. For the U.S. and U.K. DVD edition of Dreyer’s Vampyr, he has written and recorded the visual essay “Rise of the Vampire”. He has also helped arrange the exhibition “The Magic of Images: Hammershøi / Dreyer,” held at the Ordrupgaard art museum in 2006/2007.


Former librarian at the Danish Film Institute's Library.