Reception (Love one another)

Love One Another got positive reviews from most Danish critics. The film was called "a great artistic victory" for Dreyer, who was praised especially for the acting and for his depiction of an environment.

National Tidende is unreserved in its enthusiasm, "From this work of poetry [Aage Madelung’s book of the same name] […] Carl Th. Dreyer has created a film play that will make anyone who doubts cinema’s striving towards true and heartfelt art bow his head. […] There were scenes in this film that completely took the audience’s breath away. Quite slowly the action built up and culminated in furious, crimson savagery the moment the pogrom flared up."

København deems the film a great success: "There is dramatic power in the depiction that is compelling and pleasing, whether in the powerfully moving scenes or in the intimate acting."

The critic for Berlingske Tidende finds the film too long and "fluttering," while praising its artistic qualities, which are attributed to the director and the excellent cast.

By Lisbeth Richter Larsen | 03. June