Reception (Two people)

Two People premiered in Sweden at Stockholm’s Röda Kvärn cinema on 23 March 1945. The National Filmography of Sweden includes the following lines: "Two People was one of SF’s biggest financial fiascos of all time, even though its shooting period was longer than for any of the company’s other films that year. The film ran for just five days at the first-run cinema in Stockholm, then it was shelved…."

Two People was never released in Denmark. However, Dansk Filmsamfund (the Danish Film Society) organised a screening on 7 December 1947 at World Cinema, with an introduction by Jørgen Roos. Danish reviewers generally agreed that the film was a failure, though a critic for the newspaper København did not think it was as bad as the Swedes were making it out to be, ending his review, "For all its glaring mistakes it is still worth seeing more than most of the films packing theatres these days."

Under the headline, "A Fiasco that Deserves a Chance," a critic for the newspaper Information pointed out, ”Granted, it’s not good, but even a failed Carl Th. Dreyer film is still interesting, and in this instance especially so because of the experiment of using just two characters."

By Lisbeth Richter Larsen | 03. June