Reception (Water from the land)

The film never went into distribution and thus was never screened to the public. The Farming Organisations (Landboorganisationerne), but above all the National Board of Health, killed the film because of its critical (read: realistic) depiction of water-well conditions in the country.

Over a few consecutive days in May 1947, Social-Demokraten carried an article and follow-ups intended to pressure the Board of Health and the Farming Organisations to comment on the matter, but they apparently remained silent.

Beginning in mid-1953, the involved parties discussed a proposal to "from the available material make an instructive short film with sound for the farming population." On 31 March 1954, the film in its original form was shown to representatives of Landbrugets Informationskontor (The Agricultural Information Office), which was highly critical about it, "the voiceover was insolent, conceited and irritating, the narrator outright infuriating, and the film, as it was, could never, under any circumstances, be shown to either farmers or consultants" (cf. the meeting minutes in the case file).

By Lisbeth Richter Larsen | 03. June