Shoot (The Fight Against Cancer)

The Fight against Cancer. Framegrab.
Two different budgets for the film have been preserved, one of 19,505 kroner and one of 20,500 kroner.

Detailed production accounts show work on the film beginning on 16 September 1946 and concluding on 4 November. The accounts, totalling 19,345 kroner, show that Dreyer was hired for 14 days of shooting and Preben Frank for 12 days (cf. per diems received). Dreyer received 2,200 kroner for writing and directing. According to the final accounts, the film ended up costing a total of 21,760.26 kroner.

The film was shot mainly in Aarhus, with some scenes shot in Odense.

Dreyer took his wife along for the 12-14 days of shooting.