Shoot (Love one another)

Love One Another was shot over the summer of 1921. According to a letter from Dreyer to Harald Frost, Nordisk Film executive, the studio shooting began on 20 June at the Alhambra studios, located in Lankwitz on the outskirts of Berlin. There, Dreyer had ordered the construction of a small Russian provincial village, not open sets but "real” buildings, in order to create an authentic environment, as was becoming his trademark.

The extras were drawn partly from the Russian expatriate community and partly from the Jewish quarter in Berlin, many of them Russians as well. Several of the actors Dreyer chose for major roles were Russian refugees who had worked at the Moscow Art Theatre and elsewhere. Accordingly, Dreyer had ideal conditions for creating a Russian environment that was real in every detail.

By Lisbeth Richter Larsen | 03. June