The purpose of carlthdreyer.dk 

The purpose of this website is to disseminate information about Carl Theodor Dreyer and his work. Dreyer is considered the greatest Danish filmmaker ever and his films remain in demand in Denmark and around the world. Making several sections of the Carl Th. Dreyer Collection available online, the DFI seeks to facilitate the presentation and dissemination of new aspects of the director and his work.

The work of building carlthdreyer.dk has been going on from 2008-2010. The website was launched on 25 May 2010 and will continually be developed and updated with new content and materials from the Carl Th. Dreyer Collection.

This website was made possible by generous support from the Velux Foundation.

Copyright and use of content

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Documents: The DFI manages the rights to all of Dreyer’s documents in the Carl Th. Dreyer Collection. If you wish to publish, disseminate or in other ways propagate documents that are in the collection or are displayed on the website, you must first obtain the consent of the DFI Library.

Stills and posters: Address all inquires regarding stills and posters to the DFI Stills & Posters Archive.

Films: The individual production companies hold the copyrights to the films on carlthdreyer.dk. Inquiries regarding film clips should be addressed to dreyer@dfi.dk or the relevant film companies: Nordisk Film, Palladium, Svensk Filmindustri, Gaumont, Decla-Bioscop.

If you have any questions regarding the possible uses of our materials, you are always welcome to write us at dreyer@dfi.dk.

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The Project Group / Masthead

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Dan Nissen (Head of Department, DFI / Archive & Cinematheque) 

Lisbeth Richter Larsen (Research Assistant) 

Webmaster and the Carl Th. Dreyer Collection: 
Henrik Fuglsang (Stills Archivist) 

The Carl Th. Dreyer Collection: 
Birgit Granhøj Dam (Research Librarian) 

Translator (unless otherwise indicated): 
Glen Garner (glengarner@get2net.dk)



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