The Dreyer Family

The private home on Dalgas Boulevard: Carl Th. with Mrs. Dreyer on his knee and their daughter Gunni, called Gutte. The son Erik is seen in the frame standing on the radio in the background.
In 1982, the film historian Martin Drouzy published the first major biography of Dreyer and his life, Carl Th. Dreyer født Nilsson (Carl Th. Dreyer, born Nilsson). Dreyer’s daughter, Gunni, the last remaining member of his family, died in 1990. Six years later, Drouzy published an article in Kosmorama on Dreyer’s closest family. For reasons of discretion, he had wanted to keep Dreyer’s private life out of the public eye.

Drouzy about Dreyer and the family life

What follows is the story of Dreyer as a husband and father, with glimpses into the withdrawn filmmaker’s family life in a small two-and-a-half room apartment in Frederiksberg. Sorry, the article is available in Danish only!