81 Dalgas Blvd.

Framegrab from 'Dalgas Boulevard 81, 1. sal th.'. © Steen Møller Rasmussen.
In 2003, the filmmaker Steen Møller Rasmussen got access to Dreyer’s apartment at Dalgas Boulevard 81, 1st floor to the right, Frederiksberg, shooting a short film in the small rooms where Dreyer lived for over 30 years – from the time he and his family moved in, in 1936, until his death in 1968. Dreyer’s daughter lived in the apartment until her death in 1990.

Rasmussen says:

"My wife’s family have been living right around the corner for years. Their apartment shares a wall with Dreyer’s. I have often observed the apartment and heard stories about the days Dreyer lived there. One day the apartment was unoccupied and I went straight over there with a bag of beers for the superintendent, hoping he would let me in. The new tenant was fixing up the apartment and I shot this short film."


Directed and photographed by: Steen Møller Rasmussen
Edited by:  Niels Plenge
With an appearance by: Leif Rørvig
Running time: 04:26 min.


The film is available on a DVD with 24 other short films, Don’t kill your darling – 25 korte film af Steen Møller Rasmussen. 
The DVD can be purchased for DKK 150. Contact kunsteen@gmail.com

The voice over from the film: 

Leif Rørvig: "Well, I was very surprised, honoured and delighted to have the good fortune of taking over this apartment, which is now being renovated, and at the thought that the great director lived quite a few years in this apartment. I was a very young man when I saw The Word, and I distinctly remember the very, very powerful impression the film made on me, as a youth, then. I have also seen Joan of Arc, and of course I have been following all the press about Dreyer. So, it is a delightful feeling to know that you are living in the same flat where Carl Th. Dreyer lived for so many years."