Reception (Good Mothers)

Good Mothers was shown in theatres before the feature Vi kunne ha’ det saa rart! [The Good Times We Could Have!] (Christen Jul and Mogens Skot-Hansen, 1942) and several reviews of that film have a few words to spare for Good Mothers.

Georg Wiinblad, in Social-Demokraten, writes: "The film neatly provides an idea about this socially beneficial Institution and its work, and it is superbly staged by veteran film director Carl Th. Dreyer, who, as is his wont, for his leads found brilliant human types that seem far more compelling than professional actors."

Frederik Schyberg, in Politiken, writes, "It [Good Mothers] has brilliant images, took the form of propaganda for bringing children into the world, was a bit sentimental, but not in any way sanctimonious or unctuous. It, too, was a hit, and for good reason."

By Lisbeth Richter Larsen | 03. June